Implementation Agency

Ensuring success in implementing policies for young people and young people in our country depends directly on one hand on the successful co-ordination of the relevant ministries and, on the other hand, on the appropriate, uninterrupted operation of a central implementing body. Although the Strategy Framework for Youth Empowerment designates the subordinate and competent ministries as implementing bodies for sectoral and thematic policies, it can only stress the need for a central coordinating and implementing body. This necessity stems largely from the existence of successful European Programs designed on the logic of central intervention to the population aged 15-29 and not from the indirect intervention through individual policies. It has already been announced that programs such as ERASMUS+ Youth will grow more than double in size for the 2021-2027 period.

However, as it is easily understood by the course of development of legal entities created with the same or similar purpose in the recent past, it has often been easy to turn from project implementation bodies to agencies implementing other plans and purposes in the name of youth policies.
For this reason, an implementation body is proposed in this Strategic Framework in the following format:

  • be of minimum burden to the State Budget throughout its operation,
  • be limited in its objectives focusing solely on the Empowerment of Youth,
  • to develop rapidly and be flexible if the program development requires it,
  • be governed by a commitment to the public interest,
  • ensure the participation of young people themselves in its operation and management.

Taking the above into account, we conclude with the proposal to set up a legal person governed by private law administered by a 9-member Board of which 1/3 of the seats are held by young people up to 35 years of age.

The Implementing Body assumes the following responsibilities:

  • It implements the Secretariat General for Youth initiatives-actions-programs of the General Secretariat for Youth.
  • It implements initiatives-actions – youth programs of other institutional actors with limited implementation capacity.
  • It elaborates and implements initiatives-actions-youth programs jointly with non-governmental organizations, institutions, local authorities and other organizations.
  • Provides technical support to the Standing Committee on Dialogue and Monitoring for Youth Empowerment .
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