Health, Welfare and Well-being - In details

Justification for objective selection

Health is a basic prerequisite for personality development and well-being in all areas of human life. The right to health is enshrined as an individual (No. 7 (2)) and as a social right (No. 21 par. 3) by the Constitution of the Greece, together with the right to protection of health and genetic identity. Of particular importance is the UN Resolution on Agenda 2030 (A / RES / 70/1, 2015), Health and Well-Being for Everyone at All Ages (WHO 3), while the World Health Organization (WHO) underlines attention to the health of adolescents.

Supporting the health and well-being of young people places emphasis on six key areas:

  • Promotion of mental and sexual health, sport, physical exercise and healthy lifestyle.
  • Prevention and treatment of injuries, nutritional disorders, addictions and substance abuse.
  • Nutritional education.
  • Promotion of partnerships between schools, youth workers, health professionals and sports clubs and unions.
  • Health service structures for young people.
  • Young people’s awareness of the role of sport as a means of promoting teamwork, intercultural learning and sense of responsibility.

In order to enable young people to make full use of their abilities and to retain the habits of a healthy lifestyle through adulthood, we must help towards physical and mental health and social and emotional resilience. From adolescence, emphasis is given on preventing and improving the quality of care, and on the creation of the conditions that will allow young people to be healthy and have a good quality of life.
At the same time, we contribute to the fostering of supportive conditions for young people by strengthening interpersonal, harmonious and equal relations, with particular emphasis on the respect for dignity of their personality.

Greece’s ratings according to the Youth Development Indicators for Health & Well-being Score is 0.76 on a scale of 0 to 1, while our country holds the 54th place in the Health & Well-being ranking.

Sub-objective 4.1: Providing health services (health promotion, disease prevention and clinical care) on the basis of equal and universal access to all young people living in our country.
Sub-objective 4.2: Encourage young people to be in good physical condition and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Sub-objective 4.3: Access and improvement of mental health care for young people regardless of their place of residence.
Sub-objective 4.4: Strengthening social and emotional health of young people.

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