Coordinating Administrative Agency

The Directorate for Youth is, at present, the administrative agency that coordinates and monitors the Youth 2017-2027 Strategy.

However, following the 2017 Prime Minister Announcements and the decisions of the Social Policy Government Council (KYSKOIP) (10/05/2018), the General Secretariat for Youth will take over as the administrative agency for the implementation and monitoring of the Youth Strategy.

The re-establishment of the General Secretariat for Youth will ensure:

  • The possibility of an overall coordination of horizontal policies.
  • The elimination of inter-agency cooperation complications, as these were strongly observed when the portfolio of Youth Policy had been linked to other thematic portfolios, such as Education or Employment Issues.
  • The representation of youth policies and indirectly of youth itself in the supreme governing body for youth policy, both within and outside the country.

The General Secretariat for Youth, on the basis of the decisions of the Social Policy Government Council of 10/05/2018, assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Draws up the National Strategy to implement youth policies.
  • Consults with all the interest groups.
  • Reflects the consultation results.
  • Suggests either legislative action or policy drafts.
  • Confirms and intervenes, when appropriate, in decisions, instructions and actions of the Ministries in order to develop possible synergies that may be needed and to ensure alignment with the objectives of the Youth Strategy ’17-’27.
  • Monitors and evaluates, in cooperation with the Ministries, the results of the implementation of youth policy based on the set indicators.
  • Monitors and participates in the development and implementation of youth policies at national, European and international levels.
  • Represents government on youth policy issues in the Institutions and Committees of the International and European Organizations (EU, Council of Europe, UN, UNESCO, etc.) and develops synergies with counterparts at European and international level.
  • Drafts the Annual Progress Report on issues related to the Youth.
  • Participates and co-ordinates the interministerial cooperation body for updating the Youth Strategy 17-27.
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