Greece, as a member state of the EU, has to align itself with European guidelines and policies, the priority of which is the targeted empowerment of the young people in order to meet their current needs and the emerging challenges, as well as to combat the marginalization of the Youth. This synergy is reinforced by the existence of the National Youth Strategy that opens up new perspectives for the take-up of funds but also the optimization of actions and synergies to date.

With a view to the implementation of the Strategy and Action Plan for Youth Empowerment, all sources of funding from the European Union (Erasmus + Youth Initiative, Horizon 2020) / Research Program and innovation of the EU, etc.) can be utilized effectively, while strengthening the national budget through a modern statutory framework that links all European and national youth initiatives and actions based on common goals and principles. The take-up of these Community funds will be according to the budget of each individual programme, its added value, its beneficiaries and its evolution.

At the same time, the state budget (Regular Budget and Public Investment Programme) is an important source of financial support for actions implemented in the framework of the Youth Empowerment Strategy Framework as youth empowerment constitutes a key national priority.

Regarding the state budget for youth issues, the General Secretariat for Youth proposes:

  • The creation of distinct codes in the budgets of ministries entitled “Initiatives-Actions-Programs of the New Generation”.
  • The recording of funding provided by the Ministries for initiatives-actions-programs for the Youth in the current year.
  • The establishment of a percentage ceiling in the budget of the Ministries for initiatives-actions-programs for youth.
  • The redistribution of ministries’ budgets for this code according to the dynamic and efficient take-up..
  • A fund transfer clause from Ministries that failed to take-up funds for the Youth to the ministries that did that successfully.
  • Synergies between co-funded projects.
  • The link and complementarity of State and European programs.
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