What is the “Youth ’17-’27”

‘Youth ’17-’27: Strategic Framework for the Empowerment of Youth”
  • The text that specifies the principles and the objectives of Youth Policy in Greece considering current youth transformations and their social, economic and cultural dimensions.
  • The processes that secure active participation of youth in policy making.
  • All available (and potential) tools and programs that could be utilized towards the achievement of the objectives, as well as, the planning for the next decade.
  • The indicators, mechanisms and monitoring processes that will be adopted by the Hellenic Republic in order to develop the capacity to (i) evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the actions, tools and programs; and (ii) adjust the implemented policies accordingly, in order to achieve optimal results.
  • The particularization and adjustment of the general European decisions, guidance, and priorities for the youth according to the circumstances in our country.
  • It also includes, though, at the same time, the directions that target young people’s needs at a local level.